EMI Conductive Rubber, LLC

Silver Filled FluoroSilicone  (ECR-106)                                                         Proudly MADE IN USA

                                                                                                        All Products are manufactured in Anaheim, CA . USA

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  Available as below:                                                               

* Wave Guide Gaskets                                                                         

* Die-cut Gaskets

* Molded Gaskets

* Extruded Gaskets

* Molded Sheets

* Molded O-Rings

* Molded D-Rings

* Molded P-Rings

* Custom Extruded Shapes (profiles)

* Custom Molded Parts

Product Description:

This material is specifically engineered for EMI/RFI applications where it will subject to Electromagnetic Impulse, Elevated Temperature Environment.  It is one of the most conductive elastomers  available and being used in Military and Aerospace Applications and high end Electronic, satellite products as connectors, waveguide gaskets.  This material will withstand temperature from -65°C to 160°C. Far Excellent in Electrical Conductivity than other silver coated elastomers. The characteristics are included as follow:

- EMI/RFI Shielding

- High/Low Temperatures

- Light Weight/Airborn

- Low Enclosure Force

- Solvent/Fuel/Oils Resistance

- Temperature Stability between -65°C to 160°C


Military/Aerospace/Electronic Applications


- Specific Gravity (g/cc): 4.00 ± .25

- Hardness (Shore A): 75 ± 7

-Tensile (psi): 250 Min

-Elongation (%): 100 Min / 300 Max

- Tear Strength (ppi): 40 Min

- Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm): 0.002