EMI Conductive Rubber, LLC


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 Available as below:                                                      Email: emigaskets@gmail.com     

* Connector Gaskets                                                      

* Wave Guide Gaskets                                                        

* Die-cut Gaskets

* Molded Gaskets

* Extruded Gaskets

* Molded Sheets

* Molded O-Rings

* Molded D-Rings

* Molded P-Rings

* Custom Extruded Shapes (profiles)

* Custom Molded Parts

Product Description:

This material is specifically engineered to handle ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) in Electronic Applications. It has been used widely to protect high performanced Chips in electronic equipments as well as computerized devices.  The characteristics are included as follow:

- ThermalConductivity Stability

- Protection against Static Discharge

- Low Amparage Conductor

- EMI/RFI Shielding


O-Rings, Door Gaskets, Semiconductor, IC Testing Handling, ESD pads, Cell phone Gaskets, Computer Enclosures, Hand Held Devices, Network Routers, Medical  Diagnostic, and Analytical Equipment, Aerospace & Automotive, Electronic Systems CATV Boxes.


- Specific Gravity (g/cc): 1.30 ± .25

- Hardness (Shore A): 70 ± 5

-Tensile (psi): 2500 Min

-Elongation (%): 300 Max

- Tear Strength (ppi): 50 Min

- Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm): 15,000

- Surface Resistivity (ohm/square): 50,000