EMI Conductive Rubber, LLC


Nickel Coated Graphite Filled Silicone (ECR-213)                                                   Proudly MADE IN USA

Available as below:                                                                 

* Tubing                                                                                      All Products are manufactured in Brea, CA . USA

* Cords                                                                      

*  Solid D-Profiles

* Hollow D-Profiles                                                                 CALL US: 1-714-582-7718 / 714-414-0977

* Solid P-Profiles                                                                      Email: emigaskets@gmail.com     

* Hollow P-Profiles                                                                  

* Wave Guide Gaskets                                                             

* Die-cut Gaskets

* Molded Gaskets

* Extruded Gaskets

* Molded Sheets

* Molded O-Rings

* Molded D-Rings

* Molded P-Rings

* Custom Extruded Shapes (profiles)

* Custom Molded Parts

Product Description:

This material is specifically engineered to handle applications where there is potential interference (EMI) within the electronic enclosures such as cable box, satellite box, routers, medical equipments, cell phone, electronic equipments and so on. It helps to stop any signal from leaking to the outside and prevent any source from outside trying to interfere with component inside the box. It also acts as a pressure sealing device (low pressure).  This material will withstand temperature from -55°C to 150°C. Excellent in Electrical Conductivity. Very Good in Galvanic Corrosion Resistance.  The characteristics are included as follow:

- EMI/RFI Shielding

- Can be used as grounding applications

- Conduct electrons throughout the material

- Pressure Sealing at low pressure

- Most Economical material compare with silver coated elastomers

- Temperature Stability between -55°C to 150°C

- High/Cold Temperature Resistance

- Ozone /Low outgassing


Electronic devices, Cable box, Satellite Box, Cellphone, Network Routers, Semiconductor, Gaskets, Computer Enclosures, Hand Held Devices, Medical  Diagnostic, and Analytical Equipment, Aerospace & Automotive, Electronic Systems.


- Specific Gravity (g/cc): 1.90 ± .25

- Hardness (Shore A): 60 ± 7

-Tensile (psi): 200 Min

-Elongation (%): 100 Min / 300 Max

- Tear Strength (ppi): 50 Min

- Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm): 0.100