EMI Conductive Rubber, LLC


Connector Gaskets                                                  

Conductive Connector gaskets are highly electrically conductive, mechanically resilient and conformable vulcanized gaskets which provide low interface resistance between mating electronic enclosure flanges or covers while simultaneously providing moisture, pressure, or environmental sealing.

 Available  in the following materials                                         Proudly MADE IN USA                        

- Silver Coated Copper Filled Silicone (ECR-101)

- Silver Coated Aluminum Filled Silicone (ECR-102)                                            All Products are manufactured in Brea, CA . USA

- Silver Coated Copper Filled Fluorosilicone (ECR-103)                                                     CALL US: 1-714-582-7718 / 714-414-0977

- Silver Coated Aluminum Filled Fluorosilicone (ECR-104)                                                       Email: emigaskets@gmail.com

- Silver Filled Silicone (ECR-105)                                                                                               

- Silver Filled FluoroSilicone (ECR-106)                                                                                                                       

- Silver Coated Copper Filled H.D Silicone (ECR-110)

- Silver Coated Nickel Filled Silicone (ECR-111)

- Silver Coated Glass Filled Silicone (ECR-112)

-Nickel Coated Graphite Filled Silicone (ECR-213)

- Nickel Coated Graphite Fluorosilicone (ECR-215)

- Nickel Coated Graphite EPDM (ECR-218)

- Silver Coated Aluminum Filled EPDM (ECR-217)

- Silver Coated Nickel Filled EPDM (ECR-216)

- Carbon Filled Silicone (ECR-225)

- Graphite Filled Silicone (ECR-230)