EMI Conductive Rubber, LLC

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ECR (EMI CONDUCTIVE RUBBER, LLC) was found in late 2009 by siblings of the TRAN family.  Among the brothers and sister, only Sonny Tran has worked in the conductive elastomer industry for many years.  Dr. Thao Tran and Dr. Phong Tran are in medical field, but they are deeply interested in this business and become the biggest investors and supporters.  David Tran, the youngest brother is one of the main force of the company.  The manufacturing plan is in Anaheim, California. Just a few minutes from Disneyland.  We've got a team of talented Engineers and Technicians who have special skills and dedication in making Conductive Elastomer Products for many years.

We specialize in making custom conductive extrusion, extruded parts and molding.  We compound, process and testing all the compounds in-house.  We design tooling, dies, molds and test fixtures using Solidworks and Catia.  We are capable of handling prototype works, small and big production runs. We have a dedicated team to handle multiple engineering projects.